Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

I love it when good things happen to people, even to those I've never met or have no connection whatsoever. Today I'm stoked because another self-published author made good. As in, got her novel(s) picked up by a major publisher.

Colleen Hoover's self published books - 'Slammed' and 'Point of Retreat' are now being published by Atria (Simon & Schuster). Congratulations! Another great success story built on killer Kindle/ebook sales (and great stories, of course). She's celebrating by giving away signed copies and a Kindle Fire.

While I'm not the fannish type, I can't believe how swept up I became with her stories. The inclusion of lyrics by the Avett Brothers at the beginning of each chapter of 'Slammed' pulled me in because of my love of music and introduced me to a band that I wasn't familiar with, but now can't stop listening to (gotta love a banjo with a cello).

Anyways . . . I enjoyed the books. I only downloaded them this past Monday and only because I was doing research on best selling self published books. I never intended to enjoy my work so much. Why not, you say? Well . . . because . . . the truth is . . . that I hate poetry. Yep. Slam or otherwise.

Until this week. Perhaps my mind wasn't open enough or I was just being my usual cynical self believing that any fool could write some crazy, over-personalized words and recite them with a mediocre sing-song rhythm, then proclaim themselves ' a poet'.

Don't let this get out - I was wrong.

Okay, enough of that. As I was saying, I enjoyed the books. Wished they were around when I was a teen, but the thought that a teenager today will appreciate the stories of making a way past death with life.

Before I lose it again, many happy returns to you Colleen Hoover. You were one slick piece of research. Professional editing will only make it slicker. I look forward to . . .  more.

Colleen Hoover
Point of Retreat
The  Avett Brothers Band

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