Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Year of the Dragon - It's Here!

Year of the Dragon                                                                                         
A Geek Grrl s’ Tale of Overdue Romance
by Alexis Thacker

The last three years have been a bad-life hack for Geek-girl entrepreneur Rachel Seychelles. She's suffered through miscarriage, a broken marriage, betrayal by her best friend, and to top it all off her ex-husband is orchestrating her ouster from the successful web apps company that she built. Left insecure, vulnerable and untrusting, Rachel is faced with rebooting her entire life.

Her personal Escape key comes in the form of a science fiction con in New Mexico; which Rachel flees to before making one last attempt to slay the merger dragon, rescue her employees, and her fragile sanity.

There she is reintroduced to passion and fire in the arms of a familiar stranger, Ian Redfield – unbeknownst to her the now tremendously transformed man she deserted fourteen years earlier. His spark reignites in her the creativity and fight needed to save the business. However, Ian cannot forgive her youthful abandonment and conceals secrets that could either shatter or save her. Has she found a knight to aid in her battle, or instead a much deadlier dragon?

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Available on ebook August 23rd, 2012 and paperback in October.

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