Friday, August 24, 2012

Hot H.A.M. in a Kilt, Baby!

PhotobucketMany thanks to Auntee's Reviews of Victoria Dahl's Bad Boys Do on GoodReads, whose male protagonist wears a kilt to work in a brewpub. This photo  definitely fits the description of Jamie Donovan. It's enough to get me to liking beer, ale or anything associated with a brewpub. Pour me another mate, I looooovvve kilts!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Year of the Dragon - It's Here!

Year of the Dragon                                                                                         
A Geek Grrl s’ Tale of Overdue Romance
by Alexis Thacker

The last three years have been a bad-life hack for Geek-girl entrepreneur Rachel Seychelles. She's suffered through miscarriage, a broken marriage, betrayal by her best friend, and to top it all off her ex-husband is orchestrating her ouster from the successful web apps company that she built. Left insecure, vulnerable and untrusting, Rachel is faced with rebooting her entire life.

Her personal Escape key comes in the form of a science fiction con in New Mexico; which Rachel flees to before making one last attempt to slay the merger dragon, rescue her employees, and her fragile sanity.

There she is reintroduced to passion and fire in the arms of a familiar stranger, Ian Redfield – unbeknownst to her the now tremendously transformed man she deserted fourteen years earlier. His spark reignites in her the creativity and fight needed to save the business. However, Ian cannot forgive her youthful abandonment and conceals secrets that could either shatter or save her. Has she found a knight to aid in her battle, or instead a much deadlier dragon?

Click here to Read the sample pages now.
Available on ebook August 23rd, 2012 and paperback in October.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Week's HAM Sandwich Filler

H.A.M. - the other white meat.

Greek. Today, Tomorrow, AlwaysTheo Theodoridis

How about another one for good luck?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

I love it when good things happen to people, even to those I've never met or have no connection whatsoever. Today I'm stoked because another self-published author made good. As in, got her novel(s) picked up by a major publisher.

Colleen Hoover's self published books - 'Slammed' and 'Point of Retreat' are now being published by Atria (Simon & Schuster). Congratulations! Another great success story built on killer Kindle/ebook sales (and great stories, of course). She's celebrating by giving away signed copies and a Kindle Fire.

While I'm not the fannish type, I can't believe how swept up I became with her stories. The inclusion of lyrics by the Avett Brothers at the beginning of each chapter of 'Slammed' pulled me in because of my love of music and introduced me to a band that I wasn't familiar with, but now can't stop listening to (gotta love a banjo with a cello).

Anyways . . . I enjoyed the books. I only downloaded them this past Monday and only because I was doing research on best selling self published books. I never intended to enjoy my work so much. Why not, you say? Well . . . because . . . the truth is . . . that I hate poetry. Yep. Slam or otherwise.

Until this week. Perhaps my mind wasn't open enough or I was just being my usual cynical self believing that any fool could write some crazy, over-personalized words and recite them with a mediocre sing-song rhythm, then proclaim themselves ' a poet'.

Don't let this get out - I was wrong.

Okay, enough of that. As I was saying, I enjoyed the books. Wished they were around when I was a teen, but the thought that a teenager today will appreciate the stories of making a way past death with life.

Before I lose it again, many happy returns to you Colleen Hoover. You were one slick piece of research. Professional editing will only make it slicker. I look forward to . . .  more.

Colleen Hoover
Point of Retreat
The  Avett Brothers Band

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Guess I Never Appreciated Ray Bradbury As I Should Have . . .

Jangsara is an extremely talented amateur makeup artist that gives great DIY tutorials  on her website that can make you ready for any Con.  I can't wait to try out the Spiderman eye look she demonstrated last month. 

Geekologie and Fashionably Geek have nice displays of her Avenger Characters Eye Makeup, but go to her site for even more looks like Poison Ivy,  Urban Graffiti, Sad Geisha, even Barbie. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fifty Shades of Zane . . . Grey by Alexis Thacker

The Hottest Western You’ve Never Read!
The line for pony rides starts on the right.
A historical urban western erotic romance, destined to be self published and change the way you think of Mormons. And erotica. And common sense.

YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO READ IT!  Come on, you know you were thinking it too!
What some people will do to actually keep from finishing our serious projects. It's my mashup of random Zane books, Zane Grey's Riders of the Purple Sage the ever popular Fifty Shades of Grey, not to mention a teeny tiny shot from Zane Lamprey (host of Drinking Made Easy - 'cause you've got to be seriously loaded to read this crap).

Join the fun - add your own additions and chapters in the comments or send them to me and I'll add them to this glorious book in the making - bound to be a major motion picture nowhere on the planet.

This hot, steaming sack of serial starts here today! Get it now before we undercharge on Amazon.  FREE (so who would pay?) I'll get it into .mobi and pdf in a few days for those of you who actually want to taint your e-readers with this mess. 

Don't forget the drinking game. Take a shot whenever you see the following:
  • holy crap
  • Oh my
  • Laters baby
  • inner goddess
  • grey eyes
Here's the first ultra-exciting chapter below the jump (click on the Read More link)!

WARNING: Coarse archaic language alert! Boredom may ensue.
Bonus points if you can tell what Zane stories we vandalized.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pony Inspiration

Yep. Today I'm writing a scene in which My Little Pony - Raspberry Jam makes an appearance. Pony Grrls forever.The things I do for art.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Get Women to Go See G.I. Joe Retaliation

Damn Sam. That's some hot steaming cake of the beef variety right there. 

Well at least the posters for this summers' movie are decidedly steamy (I'm sure that's vapor in the background, right?). Found over at Angry Asian Man - Holy Moly, Hasbro

Holy Moly. 
To paraphrase a recent song  Lee Byung-Hun as Storm Shadow: 
'he is blazing, 
he is smoking, 
he's on fire, 
don't get hurt . . .'

No doubts . . . this is my new screen saver and 'ab' inspiration. This is my HAM for the month of April. Pass the mayo.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mmmm . . . John Carter

Yep, man nipples - always good on a lazy Thursday afternoon. Why do I want to break out into the 'Ice Cream and Cake' song?

Who really cares if he's on Mars?

HAM worthy, for sure.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Some Day My Prince Won't Come

Okay, so I'm late to the party. The GeekGirl Network and TotalFangirl posted this last December. Gotta love the name - PrinceLess

This comic comes from the good folks over at Action Lab Comics. PrinceLess was recently nominated for 5 Glyph Awards - Best Story of the Year, Best Writer, Best Artist, Best Female Character, and Best Cover.

The 2012 Glyph Awards, honoring the best in African-American comics will be presented during the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention in Philadelphia on May 18th, 2012.  

You can follow the heroics of Princess Adrienne on Graphicly.

Site Description:


Action Lab Entertainment

Still waiting for your prince to come? Tired of spending night after night locked in a secluded tower? Ready for your own adventure? So are we. Princeless is the story of Princess Adrienne, one princess who’s tired of waiting to be rescued. Join Adrienne and her guardian dragon, Sparky, as they begin their own quest in an all-ages action adventure designed specifically for those who are tired of waiting to be rescued… and who are ready to save themselves.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Searching for A Character Rendition

Monkey Queen by Volkan Yenen, posted on
I'm looking for an artist, so I'm adding other renditions so I can better explain what I'm looking for in my characters. I need an aquatic dragon and a warrior monkey queen. 

I've posted them on my facebook page with most of the artists names (when I can find it). Many are from Deviant Art. Hopefully I will be able to commission the characters avatars in the book. 

The look and feel are important because the final illustration must serve as a tattoo on the male protagonists' shoulder. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

What is a Geek?

Geek has evolved over the past 20 years to be both noun and verb, good and bad. The Geek the Library campaign describes it thusly:

Our most revered Wikipedia:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This word comes from English dialect geek, geck: fool, freak; from Low German geck, from
Middle Low German. The root geck still survives in Dutch and Afrikaans gek: crazy, as well 
as some German dialects, and in the Alsatian word Gickeleshut: geek's hat, used in carnivals.[1]
The word appears in the modern sense of a science, math, or technology enthusiast in
Robert Heinlein's 1952 short story "The Year of the Jackpot"
We can quote Richard Clarke:
" . . . (the) difference between nerds and geeks is "geeks get it done.".
Some now think that the term 'nerd' is derogatory, while being a geek just states a description.
 I go with the latter.

Wondering what the state of geekdom was back in 1996? Check out the a bit of web history 
with the Geek Code and compare it to the way we think of geeks today. 

I Geek . . .

Get your geek on. Show your support. | Get your geek on. Show your support. | Get your geek on. Show your support. |

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dark Shadows Trailer

Tim Burton is aiming squarely for 'campy'. Why does Johnny Depp's makeup remind me of Edward Scissorhands with a home bowl haircut?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On Your Marks . . .